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If I am transferring to the University of Miami, how many credits do I need to earn at UM?

A student transferring credit hours from a 2-year community or junior college (this being the last school attended) must complete a minimum of 56 credit hours in residence at the University of Miami to earn an undergraduate degree.

A student transferring credit hours from a 4-year college or university (this being the last school attended) must complete a minimum of 45 credit hours in residence at the University of Miami to earn an undergraduate degree.

At least half of the credit hours required for the chosen Major or Minor must be completed at the University of Miami.

How do I submit my College Report?

Transfer applicants are required to provide a College Report through the Common Application for each institution attended post high school. This report must be completed by the Dean of Students Office, the Registrar’s Office, or College Official (such as an academic advisor) who has access to your academic and disciplinary records.

If I performed poorly at my previous institution, will those credits transfer?

The University does not accept transfer credit hours for courses in which a grade of C- and below (or the equivalent grade) was earned. However, grades of C-, D, and F are used to calculate the transfer admission grade point average.

Credit hours are not transferred from institutions that are not accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting association. Credit hours transferred from institutions not in existence long enough to attain regional accreditation must be validated by the attainment of a C average or better in the first 12 credit hours of course work taken at the University of Miami.

The University does not have a coursework forgiveness policy. The grades of any repeated courses will be averaged.

A student may not repeat a course in which a grade of C or higher has been earned. This is considered an illegal repeat.

Upper division course requirements (300 level or above) at the University may not be satisfied with community college courses.

After being offered admission and enrolling, a student must submit any final college transcripts with grades, AP, IB, AICE or CLEP examination scores for review by the end of the first semester of enrollment. Any documents listed above which are submitted after this time period will not be reviewed and credit hours will not be awarded.

Does the post-secondary institution I previously attended affect my chances for admission?

We find that the most successful transfer applicants attended institutions where they took a full slate of challenging general curriculum coursework. We accept transfer students of varied educational experiences including 2-year, 4-year, public, and private institutions.

What is the required GPA for transfer admission?

While there is no required GPA for admission, we look most favorably upon applicants whose college transcript to-date has a 3.0 or higher cumlative GPA. We give every applicant a full review and consider individual circumstances.

What should I write my essay about?

The Common Application asks you to write about your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve if admitted to UM.

Am I required to submit a SAT and or ACT score?

If you apply with less than 30 post-secondary college credits completed, you must submit standardized test scores.

How does UM notify applicants when a decision has been reached?

Your admission decision will be made available via CaneLink, UM’s online application management portal. Students should monitor their email closely.

Can you email me my admission decision?

Unfortunately, our policy dictates that we cannot reveal to applicants their admission decision via email or telephone. If you are having trouble with CaneLink, please visit: or contact IT at: 305-284-6565 or via email at

What are the most important factors in transfer admission?

We conduct a holistic review and will consider all items of your application including standardized testing (if necessary), grades (both high school if necessary and college), essay, work experience, etc. However, the bulk of our focus will be on your collegiate-level work.

When is the application deadline? When will I find out my admission decision? 

The priority deadline for the spring is by November 1st; the final application deadline is December 1st.

The priority deadline for the fall is by March 1st; applications will continue to be accepted until the transfer class is full. We will give priority to those applicants who submit a completed application and all supporting documents by March 1st.

Transfer students receive notification on a rolling basis. You may learn of your status 3-4 weeks after your application is deemed complete.

How can I know if I will receive credit for my previous coursework?

Your admissions counselor cannot tell you whether you will receive credit for a particular course. Transfer Credit Evaluations are completed while your application is evaluated, and transferable courses will post in CaneLink. Keep in mind, that you must receive a C or better in the course in order to receive credit. You can visit our Suggested Coursework to Prepare for Transfer for more information.  

Can I receive scholarships and/or need-based financial aid as a transfer student?

In order to be to be considered for all types of need-based financial assistance, transfer students must complete both the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE (PROFILE) and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the application deadline. For more information about the financial aid application filing deadlines, please visit the Student Financial Assistance and Employment Undergraduate page.

All transfer students are automatically considered for merit based scholarships.

How do I find out who my admission counselor is?

To find the counselor who covers your school or area, please visit Meet Our Staff page. This counselor will serve as your primary point of contact with UM, and you are welcome to contact him or her at the phone number or e-mail address provided.

Please note that counselors cannot conduct individual counseling sessions or review transcripts, but they may be able to answer specific questions you may have regarding the admission process.

What should I do if I am a prospective transfer student and want to learn about how to transfer to UM?

For more detail on the transfer admission process, you can go to our website:

What campus visit programs are available to transfer applicants? 

We offer daily presentations and tours, and we offer transfer information sessions once a month during the academic year. You can register for your visit at

Can transfer applicants sign up for an admission interview?

UM neither requires nor grants interviews.

What steps should I follow if I am interested in transferring to UM?

Most of your questions will be answered by consulting one or more of the following sources:

You can also visit our Suggested Coursework to Prepare for Transfer page for more information.

Does UM allow students who have only a GED to transfer?

Yes, it is possible for students who completed high school with a GED to be admitted to UM. However, such students will still need to meet all other transfer requirements (at least 30 transferable semester college units, strong academic record, etc.) and must also provide official transcripts of all high school coursework they attempted, in addition to providing an official copy of their GED scores. They may also provide a letter of explanation along with their GED or completion certificate.

Can I defer my admission if I am a transfer student?

Transfer students are not able to defer their admission. 

When will I receive my admission decision, financial aid information, and scholarship information?

We will begin releasing decisions in mid-April for the fall start term and mid-November for the spring start term, as long as your application is complete by the priority date. Students who complete their application after the priority dates will be notified of their decision on a rolling basis. Financial aid and scholarship information will follow within one week of your admission decision release, as long as you have submitted all required financial aid documentation.