Admission Process for Veterans

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1. Complete the Application

If you have not earned any college credits after high school graduation or are a military/veteran dependent who is graduating from high school, you should apply as a first-year student.

If you have taken college credits after high school graduation, regardless of how many credits earned, you should apply as a transfer student and abide by all transfer deadlines and requirement.

Complete and submit the Common Application. Upon submitting, you will be asked to pay a $70 nonrefundable application fee. We provide fee waivers for active military members and veterans. Be sure to note your military status on your Common Application for this waiver to apply

In the Common Application, you will be asked to respond to a prompt using 650 words or less. The essay portion of the application gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to develop your thoughts, to communicate them clearly, and to write them concisely conveying your unique voice.

  • First-year applicants are asked to respond to one of seven prompts. First-year applicants will also be required to submit a supplemental essay.
  • Transfer applicants are asked to provide a statement that addresses their reasons for transferring and the objective they hope to achieve. Detailed instructions can be found in the Common Application. 

If applying for Spring or Fall 2024, you will be required to submit a supplemental essay of 250 words or less. 

Supplemental essay prompt: 

Located within one of the most dynamic cities in the world, the University of Miami is a distinctive community with a variety of cultures, traditions, histories, languages, and backgrounds. The University of Miami is a values-based and purpose-driven postsecondary institution that embraces diversity and inclusivity in all its forms and strives to create a culture of belonging, where every person feels valued and has an opportunity to contribute.

Please describe how your unique experiences, challenges overcome, or skills acquired would contribute to our distinctive University community.

We also ask that you list your involvement in extracurricular activities, outside of school involvements and/or commitments; these will be evaluated as another factor in the admission process.

Please note: You must use the same email address for every part of the application process, including registering for standardized tests.

Once you submit your application, it will take approximately three days for us to receive and begin processing it. Please allow us several weeks from the application deadline to process your documents. During our busiest application periods, the Applicant Portal is your best resource, as we are continually updating students' applications and documents. 

2. Send Official Transcripts

If you are applying as a first-year, submit your official high school transcripts directly from your high school. If you have attended one or more colleges/universities, please request that your college or high school submit your official transcripts. We will not review transcripts/credits that are indicated as transfer credits to your current institution. If electronic submission is not possible, these documents can be mailed to one of the following addresses:

Mailing Address
University of Miami
Office of Undergraduate Admission
P.O. Box 249117
Coral Gables, FL 33124-9117  

If sending via FedEx, DHL, UPS, or courier
University of Miami
Office of Undergraduate Admission
1306 Stanford Drive
University Center, Suite 2275
Coral Gables, FL 33146 


3. Complete the College Report

Transfer applicants are required to provide a College Report through the Common Application. This report must be completed by the dean of students office, the registrar’s office, or college official (such as an academic advisor) who has access to your academic and disciplinary records.

4. Letter of Recommendation

If you are applying as a first-year, you are required to submit one letter of recommendation/evaluation, which can be from either a school counselor or a teacher.

Transfer applicants have the option to submit an instructor/professor evaluation (letter of recommendation) but it is not required. If you have not been enrolled at a college/university within the past year, you can submit a letter of recommendation from your direct supervisor or commanding officer within your current military unit.

The most expedient way to submit your letter electronically is through the Common Application,, Scoir, or Parchment.

*5. Send Reports/Scores

(*Transfers with Fewer Than 30 College Credits)

If you attended an institution outside the military and you've earned fewer than 30 credits, please also submit:

  • Official high school transcripts
  • Spring and Fall 2023 first-year and transfer applicants with fewer than 30 post-secondary credits at the time they are applying for admission will not be required to submit SAT/ACT test scores.
  • If you’ve graduated from high school in the past three years, and elect to submit your scores. Have your official scores sent directly from the testing agency. The Admission Committee will consider all official test scores from multiple test dates. We will use the highest composite score from among each test that you've taken. This is called super scoring. There is no limit to the number of test scores you may submit to us for your application.
UM Codes: 
  • SAT Code: 5815
  • ACT Code: 0760

6. Additional Requirements for Special Programs

If you are applying to any of the programs below, complete the supplemental application, submit a portfolio, and/or schedule an audition.

Supplemental applications are available in the applicant portal. Access to the portal will be granted once your admission application is received.

*First-Year applicants only

7. Educational Activities

If you have a time gap of three months or more during your educational career or from the time you graduated high school to the date of your intended University of Miami enrollment, you must submit an Educational Activities statement in the Common Application explaining the reason for the gap(s), including if this was due to your time serving in the military, and include the dates.

If you are unable to provide this information within your Common Application, you can submit it through the applicant portal under the "Materials Upload" section, or by emailing it to If emailing, be sure to include  “Educational Activities” in the subject line and your full name and date of birth on all correspondence. This information is required to complete your application file.

8. Submit your DD214 Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty

We will award up to six elective credits with the submission of the DD 214 form as long as you were honorably discharged. Please submit via the applicant portal or email to If you are currently serving and do not have your DD 214, please submit this form once you have received it. Once it is processed in our system, your applicant portal will be updated. 

9. Check Your Eligibility for VA Benefits

Every case and every individual is different in terms of your benefits. We recommend speaking to a VA representative by calling the VA Educational Student Hotline at 1-888-442-4551 or by visiting the website at

10. Check Your Application Status

After submitting your application, please allow 3-4 business days for the University of Miami to receive it. Upon receipt, we’ll send you an acknowledgment email containing your CaneID and instructions about how to log in to the applicant portal. Please remember to check your spam, junk, and clutter folders for this email.

You can check your application status and add all supporting documents through your Applicant Portal. 

After Admission

Once you have been admitted to the University of Miami, the Office of the University Registrar can answer questions regarding your specific benefit chapter and what will be covered by VA.