Cognates Program of General Education

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STEM: As a Microbiology & Immunology Major, Chinonyelum is gaining valuable laboratory experience and preparing for medical school.
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People & Society: The Abnormal Psychology Cognate allows Chinonyelum to investigate clinical syndromes and psychopathological states.

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Arts & Humanities: Cultivating her passion for the arts, Chinonyelum is exploring acting, set design, and stage makeup through her Theatre Arts cognate. 

"The Cognates Program pushes you to think about what you truly love and what you want to do.” - Chinonyelum Maduka (Nigeria) uses Cognates to explore her diverse interests. 

Your college education belongs to you. It is a foundation of the work you will do and the life you will live. You will get the most out of your education—and do your best work—if what you learn interests and excites you. At the University of Miami you have the flexibility to construct your learning around your individual strengths, curiosities, passions, and goals. This is the principle behind our Cognates Program of General Education.

More Options, More Opportunities

The University of Miami offers students a unique array of learning options in our nine undergraduate schools (Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Communication, Education and Human Development, Engineering, Marine Science, Frost School of Music, Nursing and Health Studies) and two graduate professional schools (Miller School of Medicine, School of Law). The Cognates Program allows you to use those options to create an education that is both broad and deep- one that reflects who you are and what you care about.

We ask our students to build an education grounded in three classical areas of knowledge: Arts and Humanities, People and Society, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Our students will achieve that educational goal through the Cognates Program.

A cognate is a set of at least three courses that relate to one another. For example, a cognate might focus on a discipline (The World of Music), a genre (Epic Literature), a problem (Environmental Policy), a topic (Earth, Stars, Wind, and Water), a region (Religion in the Americas), a method (Applied Ethics), a time period (The Ancient World), or some other principle our faculty develops. Cognates come from all of our nine undergraduate schools, some with courses from the Miller School of Medicine or the School of Law, and are divided into the three areas of knowledge. As active researchers, our faculty know that knowledge is an ongoing process that goes beyond a single course. 

The structure of the Cognates Program is straightforward- your major will fall into one of the three areas of knowledge, and you will complete two additional cognates of your own choosing: one in each of the two areas of knowledge outside your major.

This structure allows you to build a well-rounded education with advanced knowledge in at least three subject areas. You will craft an education that draws from UM's unique range of schools and combines , for instance, music, politics, and biology; or health care, religion, and mathematics; or business, the environment, and literature; or any number of combinations that represents your curiosities, loves, concerns, and career explorations.

The Cognates Program fuses the University's intellectual strengths with your distinctive interests, and allows your educational passions to drive your learning. A University of Miami education is broad, deep, exciting, substantive, and uniquely yours.

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