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  • What is the waitlist and how does it work?

    A waitlist is a list of first-year applicants whom we may still consider for admission if our class is not full. Admitted students have until May 1 to submit a nonrefundable enrollment deposit. If fewer admitted students enroll than we expect, we will offer admission to a select number of students from the waitlist in order to fill our first-year class for the fall semester.

  • Why was I placed on the waitlist?

    The Admission Committee evaluated a particularly competitive applicant pool this year, with more than 40,000 students applying for 2,100 spaces in the first-year class. Ultimately, there are many more qualified applicants than there is space; therefore, we cannot offer admission to all candidates who are competitive for admission. Our decision to offer you a place on the waitlist reflects our belief in your potential, and we encourage you to keep the University of Miami as an option.

  • What steps do I follow?

    If you are interested in accepting your place on our waitlist, let us know your plans in the applicant portal as soon as possible; otherwise, we will withdraw your application. We will only consider admitting those students from the waitlist who have responded “yes” on the reply form. 

    You should also focus on choosing the best-fit college or university from those that have offered you admission. Waitlists are uncertain; therefore, it is best to ensure you have an alternate plan. We encourage you not to let any other firm admission offers pass.

  • Does UM rank its waitlist?

    No, students on the waitlist are not ranked.

  • When will the Admission Committee review the waitlist?

    We are unable to determine the exact date when we may need to consider the waitlist.

  • How does the Admission Committee review students on the waitlist?

    The Admission Committee will review the entire application again, concentrating on updated senior grades, and if applicable, any new testing. The University of Miami reserves the right to be need-aware and consider demonstrated interest when deciding which students to admit from the waitlist. A student’s academic achievements and level of interest will be key considerations.

  • Can I meet with a member of the Admission Committee?

    We are unable to grant interviews or meeting requests for waitlisted students. If you do have a specific question, you may email your admission counselor directly.

  • How many students have been admitted from the waitlist in past years?

    This number varies each year, and we are unable to predict at this point in time if or the extent to which we will use the waitlist for the Fall semester. Historically, in the past several admission cycles, we have admitted between 30 and 200 students (again, the number can vary significantly depending on the year).

  • When will I be notified if I am admitted from the waitlist?

    If the opportunity does arise, we will notify you as soon as possible but no later than June 15. Since we are unable to determine the exact date when we may need to consider the waitlist, we advise you to not let any other firm admission offers pass.

  • If admitted from the waitlist, will I receive any merit scholarships and/or need-based financial aid?

    Every admitted student is considered automatically for merit scholarships. Students admitted from the waitlist are considered for need-based financial assistance provided all required documentation has been submitted.

  • If admitted from the waitlist, when would I need to send my nonrefundable enrollment deposit?

    Your nonrefundable enrollment deposit is due within 5 business days from the date you receive your offer of admission.

  • If admitted from the waitlist, is on-campus housing available?

    First-year students admitted for the fall semester should apply for housing by the priority deadline of May 15. Housing applications received after the priority deadline are accepted on a space-available basis. All non-local, first-year students are required to live in University housing for two academic semesters, as long as space is available, unless they apply for and meet one of the approved reasons for receiving an exception:

    • Been out of high school for more than one year
    • Married or has dependent children
    • 19 years of age or older
    • Extenuating circumstances that can be documented
    • Living at home with family in Miami-Dade or Broward County

    First-year studentss who plan to live off-campus must complete the Live-On Requirement Exemption form at miami.edu/housingexemption. 

    First-year students admitted for the spring semester can apply for housing using the spring-only housing application available in CaneLink beginning in late October. Spring housing applications are due December 1. Housing applications received after that date are accepted on a space-available basis.

  • If admitted from the waitlist, must I enroll?

    Students admitted from the waitlist are not required to enroll.

  • If I am not admitted from the waitlist, may I reapply?

    You have the option of reapplying as a transfer student after successfully completing at least one semester of full-time coursework (4-5 courses) at an accredited post-secondary institution.