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  • How can I switch my admission plan?

    You can request your admission plan to be changed via your Applicant Portal. If applicable, remember to attach your Early Decision Agreement form with the required signatures. 

    The deadlines to change is as follows:

    • November 14 - last day to switch into or out of Early Decision I
    • November 20 - last day to switch into Early Action
    • January 1 - last day to switch from Early Action to Early Decision II or Regular Decision
    • January 1- last day to switch from Early Decision II to Regular Decision
    • January 1 - last day to switch from Regular Decision to Early Decision II               

    Note, Frost School of Music deadlines are independent of those listed above. Check the forms listed in your Applicant Portal or the Frost School of Music website for information.

  • Can I make testing-specific updates to my application even after it’s been submitted?

    Yes, you may update your decision to have your application reviewed with or without test scores even after you have submitted your application. Applicants will be given an extra 15 days past their selected admission plan deadline to update their file. Here are some examples of testing-specific updates applicants can make:

    • Submit test scores for the Admission Committee’s consideration
    • Update your test scores
    • Update your choice to be test optional or not

    To make these and other changes, applicants must complete the Test Score Updates form in the Applicant Portal.

    Submit your application by the stated deadline: November 1 for Early Decision I and Early Action or January 1 for Early Decision II and Regular Decision. We hope that offering you the opportunity to make these updates up to 15 days past your selected admission plan deadline will provide you with any needed flexibility.

  • Does UM require a mid-year report from first-year applicants?

    No, we do not require a mid-year report in order to be admitted. However, your school counselor may submit the mid-year report and updated senior year grades on your behalf if you wish for this information to be added to your admission application file.

  • When will I hear if I have been admitted?

    • Early Decision I applicants will be notified in mid-December.
    • Early Action applicants will be notified in late January.
    • Early Decision II applicants will be notified in late February.
    • Regular Decision applicants will be notified by April 1.

  • I submitted my application; how can I check if it was received?

    Once your application is downloaded and processed, you will receive an acknowledgment email within 3-4 business days containing your Cane ID and instructions on how to log into the Applicant Portal. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two weeks after submitting your application, check your junk mail, spam, and clutter folders in case the email has been filtered. To check the status of your application, visit our Check Your Application page. 

  • What should I do if I’m unable to log into the applicant portal?

    If you have any trouble logging in, please contact the UMIT Service Desk at or 305-284-6565.

  • How will I know what is missing from my application?

    To check your application status, log into the applicant portal. The Application Checklist section will list required documents and their status.

  • How do I update personal information or an error on an already-submitted application?

    If you need to update your contact information including email address, current address, or permanent address, you may do so in the applicant portal. Under Verify Address, select Edit Addresses.

  • I need to update or provide my Social Security number. What do I do?

    If you submitted your admission application with an incorrect or missing Social Security Number, you can request an update via the Social Security / Tax Identification Number Update Form. Use your CaneID and password (the same credentials you use to access your Applicant Portal) to access the form.  

    You will need to provide a PDF of the original document(s) to verify your social security number. Upon receipt of the proper documentation, your Social Security Number will be corrected in our system.

    If you have any questions, please call 305-284-6000 or email

  • I submitted my application. Could I submit additional materials?

    Due to the large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to accept any additions or revisions to your current application (extracurricular activities, resume, awards, essay, etc.). We are confident that your application will be a great representation of you as a student and look forward to reviewing it.

  • What if I had to switch/change a course my senior year?

    Please notify us of this change at with the subject line "Schedule Change" and request for new transcripts to be sent directly from your high school. Be sure to include your full name and date of birth on all correspondence.

  • How does UM notify applicants when a decision has been reached?

    Admission decisions are available via the applicant portal. Students should monitor their email closely for a notification that a decision has been posted.

  • Could you email me my admission decision?

    Our policy dictates that we cannot reveal an applicant’s admission decision via email or telephone. 

  • How do I cancel or withdraw my application for admission?

    If at any point in time you wish to withdraw your application, please complete the withdrawal form in the applicant portal under Request Forms.