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What is the Health Professions Mentoring Program?

The University of Miami’s Health Professions Mentoring (HPM) Program is designed to prepare and strongly position students for admission to medical school through an enriched curriculum and academic and professional mentoring throughout their four years of college.

What are the benefits of being in the HPM Program?

The HPM Program will prepare students to be competitive applicants to any medical school of their choice upon completion of their bachelor’s degree. The program provides an enriching curriculum, where students participate in exclusive, hands-on and engaging courses. 

  • Multigenerational mentoring by faculty, medical school students, and advanced undergraduates
  • Professional development activities
  • Monthly meetings with special guest speakers in the medical profession
  • Enriched academic curriculum:
  • HHMI Integrative Biology/Chemistry Research Lab course: HPM Program students in their first year are enrolled in these labs and will do authentic research
  • Clinical Medicine course, taught by medical school faculty: HPM Program students are introduced to the art of diagnosis, appropriate treatment, and understanding of disease etiology via shadowing physicians in various departments, through case studies, and in simulation labs
  • MCAT course at no additional cost: this course will be part of the curriculum
  • The Miller School of Medicine will select a group of HPM Program students in their junior year of undergraduate studies at UM for early acceptance based on their overall GPA, cumulative GPA in science courses, extracurricular activities, clinical experience, recommendations from HPM Program staff, MCAT score required by Miller at that time, and an interview with the Miller School of Medicine by invitation

What is the difference between the traditional pre-med track at UM and the HPM Program?

The HPM Program enriches the traditional pre-med track with its focus on mentoring, professional development opportunities, and unique courses, which will be made available ONLY to students in the HPM Program.

What is the admission committee looking for in an HPM Program applicant?

The University employs a holistic review process to assess applicants’ readiness for the HPM Program. Factors influencing admission to the HPM Program include:

  • personal/life experience within diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and neighborhoods;
  • time and service to disadvantaged populations;
  • excellence in community service and leadership ability; and,
  • specific interest in health disparities.

Strong achievements in science and math courses, strong letters of recommendation, a compelling essay, extracurricular activities, and awards/achievements also are reviewed.

Can a student choose a nonscience major and still be in the HPM Program?

Yes, a student can choose any major as long as they complete the pre-requisites for medical school admission. The Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) should be used as a guide for all medical school pre-requisites and application process.

Can HPM Program students be in more than one Program of Distinction (Foote Fellows, daVinci, and/or PRISM)?

Yes, students can be in more than one of UM's Programs of Distinction.

What are the requirements to apply for the HPM Program?

In addition to the Common Application and supporting application documents, students must complete the HPM Supplemental Application, which includes the following:
  • Personal history essay
  • List of extracurricular activities, awards, and/or personal achievements
  • Optional but highly recommend one additional letter from either a physician or a research mentor in the medical field. If you have never shadowed a physician or done research, this will not be necessary. 

Please note that the HPM Program is currently limited to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

How can my recommenders submit my letters if they do not send them for me to upload?

The range of SAT and ACT scores of admitted students are 1340-1420 and 29-33, respectively.

When is the HPM Program application deadline?

The application deadline should match the application deadline for your Common Application. If you are applying:

  • Early Decision I or Early Action: Your complete HPM Program supplemental application is due by November 1
  • Early Decision II or Regular Decision; Your complete application is due by January 1

Please note that you must complete both the Common Application and the HPM Program supplemental application in order for your HPM Program application to be evaluated.

How do I know if my HPM Program application was successfully received?

When you submit your HPM Program application, you will receive an automated acknowledgment email stating that your submission was successful. If you do not receive this automated acknowledgment email, please email our Pre-Health Advising & Mentoring at Unlike your Common Application, you will not be able to track your HPM Program application via CaneLink.

Is there a way to update information after submission?

If there is an update to your HPM Program application after submission, you may submit it electronically to our Pre-Health Advising & Mentoring office at

When will I be notified if I have been admitted to this program?

Students admitted into the HPM Program will be notified in March via email.

If I have already submitted my Common Application, could I still apply for the HPM Program?

Yes, you may do so, as long as it is before the following deadlines:

  • If you have applied under the Early Action or Early Decision I option, you must submit your HPM Program application by November 1
  • If you have applied under the Regular Decision or Early Decision II option, you must submit your HPM Program application by January 1

If I miss the HPM Program application deadline, could I still apply?

Please contact the Office of Pre-Health Advising & Mentoring at to discuss individual cases.

What are the requirements to stay in the HPM Program?

Students must maintain a 3.5 GPA and participate in all program co-curricular activities.

If I'm invited to the HPM Program, do I have to attend Miller School of Medicine?

No, students may apply to any medical school of their choice. However, those students who are accepted for early admission in their junior year to the Miller School of Medicine and agree to attend, cannot apply to other medical schools.

Will the students accepted into the HPM Program but not selected in their junior year for enrollment in Miller have an advantage into getting into the Miller School of Medicine?

Students not selected their junior year will need to apply to Miller and submit all requested supporting documentation. These students will be reviewed in the same applicant pool as all students applying to Miller at that time and must meet the same criteria.

Is there a minimum percentile a student must achieve on the MCAT to be admitted to the Miller School of Medicine?

The minimum MCAT score for admission into the Miller School of Medicine will be determined annually based on the average MCAT score of the previously matriculated medical school class.