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What’s it like to call UM home? We knew you were going to ask so we prepared this Hypertour to show you the patterns and motions of daily life here. Though it may look a lot like a video, you’re actually watching a compilation of more than 12,000 still images. This amped up view of real-time #CampusLife reveals the vibrancy of our university, where life moves at its own pace. It’s mesmerizing to watch and even more invigorating when you see it all happen in person. 

What locations appeared in the video?
0:00 Merrick Fountain Courtyard from above
0:05 Merrick Fountain Courtyard
0:12 McLamore Plaza Fountain
0:17 Foote Green - Ashe sidewalk
0:23 Foote Green - Richter Library
0:27 Farmers Market
0:35 Richter Library
0:39 University Center Patio
0:42 Dooly Memorial sidewalks
0:46 Osceola Lake and Shalala Student Center
0:49 Admission Office
0:51 University Center Breezeway
0:53 Fate Bridge and Shalala Student Center
0:55 The Rock and U Statue
1:00 Shalala Student Center
1:05 Cox Science Center Courtyard
1:15 Architecture Courtyard
1:18 Jorge M. Perez Architecture Center
1:19 Sunset over west side of campus
Can I visit campus?

Yes, check out our Visit Calendar for available dates at the U!

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