Dual-Degree Program in Marine Geology

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A 5-year B.S. /M.S. in Geological Sciences and Marine Geosciences allows qualified UM Undergraduate students to complete a master’s degree in one year of study beyond the B.S. In doing so, students can save both time and money.

By the beginning of their junior year students should have obtained a graduate faculty advisor, selected an approved topic for research, and begun work on their senior thesis as preparation for the M.S.  In the senior year, students will increase their focus on graduate courses and work closely with their graduate faculty advisor.  While courses cannot be double counted between the B.S. and M.S. degrees, there is no limit on the number of graduate courses that can be taken as an undergraduate and transferred to the graduate program. During the final year, students complete the required M.S. course work while expanding their undergraduate research and completing the M.S. thesis.  

What is the Value Add?
  • Save time (complete masters degree in 1 year beyond undergrad). 
  • Save money (only one additional year of tuition to complete M.S. degree). 
  • No limit on applying graduate courses taken as undergraduate to Graduate Program (schools typically limit 6 transfer credits). 
  • Expand and continue undergraduate research projects 
To be considered, students must:
  • first be admitted to the University of Miami as a degree-seeking student
  • after enrolling at the University of Miami, complete entrance requirements as determined by the academic department. You may contact the program director/office below for information on post-enrollment entrance requirements. 
For more information on the Dual-Degree Program in Marine Geology, contact:

Dr. James S. Klaus
Undergraduate Program Director, Marine Geosciences