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The UM in Rome program provides students with a superb opportunity to study in one of Europe's oldest and most exciting cities. This special program is an academic collaboration between the University of Miami and the American University of Rome (AUR), providing you the opportunity to enroll as a full-time college student in the Fall through attending the University of Miami program based at AUR.

Students will enroll in 13-16 college credits in full-time non-degree seeking status and study alongside fellow University of Miami upperclassmen also at AUR participating in study abroad. UM in Rome students will be taking three pre-set courses:

  • Elementary Italian I for which no previous experience with the language is needed. Students will be registered for this course as if it were taken at UM, where this course is 3 credits. At AUR, this course is 4 credits.
  • History of Modern Italy (3 credits), Students will be registered for this course as if it were taken at UM
  • Freshman Writing Workshop (3 credits). This course will come back to UM as transfer credit.

Students can select 1 or 2 additional courses from AUR’s course offerings, and these courses will come back as transfer credit. All courses will be taught by AUR professors. With the exception of Elementary Italian, all instruction is in English. Students will reside in university apartments arranged by AUR.

Next Steps

  1. Complete the UM in Rome essays by April 4, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. EST.
  2. Submit your $500 enrollment deposit for Spring 2017 admission on CaneLink by May 1, 2016.
  3. If selected to UM in Rome, you will need to submit an additional $250 deposit check. Instructions will be sent out to those who are selected into the UM in Rome program.
  4. If admitted into UM in Rome, students must attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation in Miami and will fly to/from Rome together as a group.

Important Dates

The program will run from late August to mid-December.

  • August 24 (arrival date in Rome)
  • December 15 (departure date)
Arrival/Departure Details:

Students participating in the UM in Rome program must arrive in Miami on Monday, August 22 by 4pm. There will be a welcome reception that evening, followed by a full-day orientation for students and parents on Tuesday, August 23 at UM. A UM administrator will accompany the student group on the flight from Miami to Rome on the evening of August 23. The official arrival date at AUR is August 24.

Cost of Attendance

The APPROXIMATE cost for this one semester program will be $30,700.

This includes cost of tuition for the Fall semester (up to 16 credits), housing in Rome (4-6 students per apartment in the city, payable directly to AUR), permit of stay fee, and program fees. Please note this cost does not include meals.

Meals and student health insurance are to be paid for by the student. AUR does not have a meal plan option. All student apartments include kitchen facilities and cookware. On average a student can estimate spending $85 per week on groceries.

Visa and Passport

All students holding a non-European Union passport are required by law to obtain a student visa before departing from their home country. Without a valid student visa students can not apply to obtain their Permit to Stay. Upon arrival in Rome, all students who are citizens of countries which are not European Union Members must obtain a permit to stay in Italy (Permesso di Soggiorno per Studio). This permit is issued by the local police authorities (Questura). AUR will provide relevant information and assistance to you upon arrival to secure your first permit to stay.

More information on the visa and permit to stay can be found on the AUR website.

Health Insurance

Italian law requires all visiting students to obtain mandatory state emergency health coverage for the duration of their study in Italy.

More information on health insurance can be found here. Contact your insurance carrier for information on insurance abroad. AUR has recommended this insurance to students in the past, which is available to purchase online and meets the requirements of the permit to stay. Click here for more details.

More Information

Please note that no scholarships or financial assistance will be available. UM in Rome is a University of Miami program, but students will be considered AUR students for the Fall semester. More information on the University of Rome academic programs and living can be found at