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You aren’t the average high school student. You set the bar higher and went the extra mile. Whether you were captain of the soccer team or president of your class, your dedication didn’t go unnoticed. This is why you have been invited to apply to Lead Miami, UM's premier student employment and career preparation program.

As a Lead Miami participant, you’ll receive on-campus job placement assistance during your first year, a focused path to on- and off-campus internships, and invitations to workshops and conferences that will facilitate your career development and help you create the future you want.

Lead Miami is a commitment throughout your college career. You'll be required to:

  • Complete time management training within the first semester of freshman year
  • Explore on- and off-campus internship experiences through the Toppel Internship Program
  • Complete yearly job evaluations
  • Join a student organization by the end of your first year
  • Attend at least one career development workshop or activity at the Toppel Career Center per academic year, beginning sophomore year
  • Attend one leadership activity/workshop per academic year, beginning sophomore year
  • Attend one leadership event/conference before graduating (e.g., Canes Summit, ACC Leadership Symposium, Clinton Global Initiative University, IMPACT Leadership Retreat, South Florida LeaderShape, or Women's Leadership Symposium)
  • Complete a senior evaluation/reflection on your experience before graduating

If you received an invitation to apply, we will be accepting applications until June 1, 2021.

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I believe my Lead Miami position helped me get hired after graduation because it showed that I could handle a job while going to school. This spoke to my organization skills, time management, and overall ability to be a reliable employee.” 

Noelle Mendez, B.A. '15
Psychology and Criminology major

Job on Campus: Student Assistant, Office of Student Employment
Current Job: UM Graduate Student - Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology


The requirements that we do along the way and the skills I learned in the seminars helped me land an internship at Kimley-Horn.” 

Francisco Alberdi
Civil Engineering, graduating spring 2020

Job on Campus: Writer - Communications Department in the College of Engineering


As an intern at the Toppel Career Center, I greatly enhanced my professional communication skills. On my most recent performance review, this was listed as one of my biggest strengths.” 

Gustav Van Rooyen, B.S.B.A. ’18
Finance major

Job on Campus: Employer Engagement Intern - Toppel Career Center
Current Job: Actuarial Analyst at Liberty Mutual Boston