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Am I considered a freshman applicant?

You are considered a freshman applicant if any of the following apply:

  • You are still in high school/home school and have not yet received your high school diploma or the equivalent.
  • You have received a high school diploma or the equivalent but have not enrolled full time at a post-secondary institution nor entered a college or university as a degree-seeking student.
  • You have not yet received your high school diploma or the equivalent and are enrolled in an early college program or dual enrollment program.

What is needed to complete the freshman application?

The following is needed to complete the freshman application:

  • Nonrefundable application fee
  • Official high school transcript (must come directly from the school/schools attended)
  • Common Application school report
  • Official SAT or ACT scores submitted directly to us by the testing agency
  • One counselor recommendation
  • One teacher evaluation
  • If applicable, additional requirements for special programs

Does UM accept the Coalition Application?

No, we require all applicants to submit the Common Application

How much is UM’s application fee?

UM’s nonrefundable application fee is $70, payable online via the Common Application. The fee applies to all applicants, regardless of state of residency or citizenship status. 

How do I get an application fee waiver?

We do not provide application fee waivers. Students for whom the nonrefundable application fee presents a financial hardship should consult with their high school counselor about obtaining a fee waiver from College Board, NACAC, or ACT.

How do I submit my application fee waiver?

Once you obtain your waiver, you can fax a copy of your waiver to 305-284-2507 or email with the subject line "Application Fee Waiver" and include your full name and date of birth in the message.

Can I apply Early Action or Early Decision I and still submit October scores?

We will honor any SAT and/or ACT exams if they are taken before the chosen deadline. If students have previously taken the SAT and/or ACT exams, they can send those scores in to complete their application. Once October scores are received, we will add the new test information to the student's application and consider these in the review process.

Will UM consider supplemental information that I submit with my application?

We do not encourage the submission of supplemental materials outside of those required by the programs below:

I have more than two recommenders. Will they be accepted?

The Office of Undergraduate Admission only requires two letters of recommendation, one from a high school counselor and one from a teacher. Most applicants find this number is sufficient and we want to ensure all applicants have the same opportunity for review. Therefore we encourage you to only submit two.

What are UM’s admission deadlines?

Current application deadlines are listed on our website. Students must submit their completed application (with all supplemental documents) by 11:59 p.m. (in your current time zone) on the stated date.                                      

What is the mailing address for application materials?

UM encourages students to submit all application materials online through the Common Application, including required school documents. However, official transcripts/supporting documents may also be submitted electronically to or mailed to:

University of Miami
Office of Undergraduate Admission
PO Box 249117
Coral Gables, FL 33124-9117 

If sending via FedEx, DHL, UPS, or courier:

University of Miami
Office of Undergraduate Admission
1320 S. Dixie Highway
Gables One Tower, Suite 945
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Please make sure that all application materials include the applicant's full name exactly as it appears on their application, date of birth, and application ID number.

Which standardized test does the University of Miami prefer, ACT or SAT?

There is no preference between the two exams. All students are required to submit an official score report from the SAT and/or ACT directly from the testing agency. 

Do you superscore?

Yes, we superscore both the SAT and the ACT. 

What is the latest date I can take the SAT and/or ACT?

We will consider standardized tests that have been taken prior to the application deadline chosen, even if the scores come after. Although we will accept scores from later sittings, we cannot guarantee that your results will reach us in time to be considered by our admission committee.

Does UM require a midyear report from freshman applicants?

Yes, all applicants are required to have their high school guidance counselor submit the midyear report and updated senior year transcript as soon as it is available. The Office of Undergraduate Admission does not process midyear reports or transcripts submitted by the applicant directly.

Does UM accept applications from home-schooled students?

Yes, the Admission Committee is happy to receive applications from home-schooled students. In addition to meeting all the freshman admission requirements, we also encourage home-schooled students to submit a comprehensive explanation of their curriculum.

I have a GED. Can I still apply?

In lieu of completing high school, an applicant may apply to the University upon completion of the GED. When applying with the GED, applicants must submit official high school transcripts up to the time of withdrawal as well as the official GED score report and diploma.

Applicants submitting the GED must achieve the following scores to be considered for admission. These scores should be considered a guideline and do not guarantee admission to the applicant.

  • For exams taken in English, a score of 175 or higher on all four subject tests
  • For exams taken in any language other than English, a score of 175 or higher on all four subject tests

Does UM accept first-year applications for the spring semester?

Yes, UM does accept first-year applications for spring admission. 

Does UM accept late applications?

Applications submitted after the listed deadlines will be considered late and may not be considered for admission.


When will I hear if I have been admitted?

  • Early Decision I applicants will be notified in late December.
  • Early Action applicants will be notified in late January-early February.
  • Early Decision II applicants will be notified in mid-late February.
  • Regular Decision applicants will be notified in early April.

I submitted my application; how can I check if it was received?

Once a student's application is downloaded and processed by the Office of Undergraduate Admission, you will receive an acknowledgment email within 3-4 business days containing your Cane ID and instructions on how to log into CaneLink. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two weeks after submitting your application, please check your junk mail, spam, and clutter folders in case the email has been filtered. 

CaneLink is your UM portal for tracking application materials and viewing your admission decision when it becomes available. To check your application status and the receipt of application materials, log into CaneLink and click on the "To-Do List” in the Student Center. When your application is complete, there will be no items in your "To-Do List.

If you are unable to log into your CaneLink account, you can contact our IT Support Center at or 305-284-6565, option 1. You can also visit our CaneLink FAQ page or our CaneID Self-Service.

How do I know what is missing from my application?

When checking your To-Do List items on your CaneLink account, you can click on each item and see an explanation and instruction(s) on how to submit the missing material(s).

How do I submit an update (or error correction) to an already submitted application?

If you need to update your contact information including email address, current address, or permanent address, you may do so in your CaneLink account. You can visit the Student FAQs page for instructions on how to update your account.

What if I had to switch/change a course my senior year?

Please notify us of this change at with the subject line "Schedule Change" and request for new transcripts to be sent directly from your high school. Be sure to include your full name and date of birth on all correspondence.

I need to update my Social Security number. What do I do?

If you submitted an application with an incorrect Social Security number listed, please fax a clear copy of your Social Security card to 305-284-2507 or email it to along with a brief explanation requesting to have your application information updated. Upon receipt of the proper documentation, we will correct the number in our system.

I submitted my application. Can I submit additional materials?

Due to the large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to accept any additions or revisions to your current application (extracurricular activities, resume, awards, essay, etc.). We are confident that your application will be a great representation of you as a student and look forward to reviewing it.

When do I submit my AP or IB scores?

A student must submit official AP, IB, and dual enrollment transcripts or CLEP results no later than the end of their first semester of enrollment for review. Students may submit scores as soon as they enroll at the University. Documents submitted after this period will not be reviewed and credit hours will not be awarded. For more information, please visit our Credit Information page

What if I submit my application on time but my letters of recommendation are not in by the deadline?

While we understand that some documents will not arrive by the deadline, we ask that they arrive as close to the deadline as possible.

How does UM notify applicants when a decision has been reached?

Admission decisions are available via CaneLink, UM’s online application management portal. Students should monitor their email closely for a notification that a decision has been posted.

Can you email me my admission decision?

Our policy dictates that we cannot reveal to applicants their admission decision via email or telephone.

I am unable to open my admission decision. What should I do?

We apologize that you are experiencing difficulty accessing your decision on the CaneLink student center. The admission decision is posted in your 'Communication Center,’ not the 'Message Center.’ Please clear your cache/cookies and try again.

Cookies and pop-ups must be enabled in order for you to access the system. You may also visit the CaneLink FAQ page for instructions on how to manage your settings. If that doesn't work, call the help desk at 305-284-6565, option 1 for assistance. 

How do I cancel or withdraw my application for admission if I have decided to not enroll at UM?

In order for your application to be withdrawn, please complete the withdrawal form.

How do I reapply?

Please visit Undergraduate Readmission Information to learn about reapplying.