Oliver Zaruba

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Class of 2020, Finance
Houston, Texas

"I first looked into UM for the School of Business Administration and found it had everything I was looking for. I liked the size of the school — not too small, not too big. The variety of cultures here was really interesting and I wanted to experience that firsthand. Also, Miami had a great business school and it’s only getting better.

After my first year, UM has surpassed my expectations. When I visited, I instantly fell in love. You hear about all it has to offer, but when you visit, that’s when you understand. And then, you actually attend, and that’s when you fully realize all that this school has to offer. I’ve already seen myself grow freshman year. I've met all types of new people and professors. There are so many opportunities at the school that, if you make the most of it, you are going to become a much better person in the end. Not many other schools can provide that. I knew I had made the right decision."