Kabir Parker

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Class of 2020, Marine Sciene and Microbiology/Immunology
Greenwich, Connecticut

I first heard about UM in ninth grade. I’d always wanted to study marine science or marine biology and UM was one of the first schools that popped up during my online research. The admission counselor was great and came to my school to speak freshman and sophomore year [of high school]. We talked about UM’s marine science program and I found out about the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. I researched RSMAS and saw what an amazing place it would be to spend my undergraduate years and an internship. Having that kind of access to research made me excited. That’s what initially attracted me to UM. 

When I visited, I absolutely loved it. There were so many amazing opportunities. My first day, I biked over to RSMAS and walked around. The campus was incredible. The next day, I got a personalized tour of the whole facility, including one of the coral labs, which is where I am now a research assistant studying coral-algal symbiosis and its implication on climate change. I could see the value in the campus. After that, I went on the general campus tour at UM. My tour guide was studying marine science and neuroscience, so we were talking about everything marine science-related and I realized how unique it was to have others with the same interests as mine. It felt like the right place to pursue my passions. UM is a very positive, goal-oriented atmosphere and being around like-minded people, even if they have different interests, helps us all succeed in whatever we’re doing.