Student Stories


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Current students tell us why the University of Miami was their first choice.

"Diversity is huge at UM and something I looked for, considering my own [diverse] background. I wanted to be able to bounce ideas off each other, but also learn about different cultures that you might not have been exposed to or known about before."
"I first looked into UM for the School of Business Administration and found it had everything I was looking for. I liked the size of the school — not too small, not too big. The variety of cultures here is really interesting and I wanted to experience that firsthand."

"When I visited the nursing school senior year I got to go into a simulation class and work with mannequins. That was something I could see myself doing. The hands-on experience definitely sealed the deal for me."

"Because of the Cognates Program, I was able to explore more than just business classes and find other interests that I might not have been exposed to at another school. I could combine my passions."

"The School of Architecture counselor I met was amazing and helpful from day one. She really helped me figure out what I needed to know. Even though I hadn’t yet applied, I felt like I was already home."
"I researched RSMAS and saw what an amazing place it would be to spend my undergraduate years and an internship. Having that kind of access to research made me excited. That's what initially attracted me to UM."

"I liked that I would meet people and make friends from all over the world who would have a variety of perspectives. I wanted to broaden my horizons and learn more about all different walks of life."
"One thing I didn’t have to research was UM’s pride. The pride at this school — whether academics, sports, or culture — was highly apparent."