Waitlist FAQs

What is the waitlist and how does it work?

A waitlist is a list of students whom we may still consider for admission if our class of 2,075 first-year students is not full. Admitted students have until May 1 to submit an enrollment deposit. If fewer students enroll than we expect, we will admit some students from the waitlist to fill the class.

Why was I placed on the waitlist?

If we waitlisted you, it means we really like you but are unable to offer you admission initially because of the competitive nature of the applicant pool. However, you should continue to do well in your classes, as we may call your school and check on your academic progress. If you have not included senior year grades in your application, please ask your guidance counselor to send them to us.

What steps do I follow?

It is extremely important that you submit the electronic response form by May 1 if you are still interested in attending UM. We will only consider admitting those students from the waitlist who have responded yes by submitting the electronic form.

You should also focus on choosing the best-fit college from those who have offered you admission. Waitlists are uncertain, so it is always best to ensure you have an alternate plan in place. We encourage you to make an enrollment deposit elsewhere by May 1.

When will the Committee review the waitlist?

The Committee reviews the waitlist on an ongoing basis as we monitor the class size.

Can I meet with a member of the Admissions Committee?

We are unable to grant interview or meeting requests for waitlisted students. Instead, we ask that you put any information or updates in a written letter, which will be added to your application file. If you do have a specific question, you may email your admission counselor.

How does the Committee review the waitlist?

The Committee will review the whole application again, concentrating on any new information that has been submitted.

When will I be notified if I am admitted from the waitlist?

We are unable to determine the exact date when we may need to consider the waitlist. We advise you to not let any other firm admission offers pass.

If I am admitted from the waitlist, am I still guaranteed housing?

Yes. The University of Miami guarantees housing to all admitted freshmen. If you are admitted from the waitlist and you submit your enrollment deposit by the stated deadline, you will be able to submit your housing prepayment and receive on-campus housing.

If admitted from the waitlist, will I receive any merit-based scholarships?

Due to limited resources, students admitted from the waitlist are not eligible to receive institutional scholarships. Federal, state, and institutional need-based financial assistance is offered on a funds-available basis.    

If admitted from the waitlist, when would I need to respond or deposit?

Once you receive an offer of admission, you will receive a candidate reply form with the enrollment deposit amount. Your enrollment deposit fee is due within two weeks from the date you are admitted, but preferably sooner.

How many students did you admit from the waitlist last year?

Historically, some of the applicants on the waitlist are offered admission to the University, but this is not always the case every year. Applicants on the waitlist are not ranked. 

How many students will you admit from the waitlist this year?

We do not know. We will evaluate the use of the waitlist after the reply date of May 1.

Is there a rank on the waitlist?

We do not rank our waitlist. As places in the class open up, we will be reviewing our waitlisted applicants using the same holistic review process we used in the initial evaluation, taking into account high school achievement, standardized test scores, extracurricular involvement, and those intangibles that come through in your essays and recommendations. In addition, your continued interest in attending the University of Miami will be a factor.

If I am not admitted from the waitlist, can I reapply?

You have the option of reapplying for the next academic year as either a freshman or a transfer student when the Common Application opens August 1.

If admitted off the waitlist, do I have to come?

Students admitted off the waitlist are not required to enroll.